This one has been annoying me for some time. For some reason, we have some Windows Server 2019 servers that are not reporting periodically to the WSUS server. The WSUS dashboards shows a warning saying “This computer has not reported status in xx or more days“.

When checking manually for updates (I usually use sconfig with option 6), the server reports fine and updates can be downloaded and installed when available. Sounds like a scheduled task is not doing it’s work…

The group policies for periodically checking for updates are in place and working fine on older Windows Server versions.

There’s a Scheduled Start scheduled task under Windows Update but that seems to be running, but won’t let me temper much with it’s defined triggers, so I decided it’s time for quick and dirty workaround with PowerShell!

You can use the Start-WUScan cmdlet from the WindowsUpdateProvider PowerShell module, to check for updates from the WSUS server and thus sending a status report to the WSUS server as well.

As I’m not interested in the output I can pipe the output to Out-Null and use this command in a simple oneliner that I can schedule using Task Scheduler.

The oneliner in PowerShell:

(new-object -Comobject Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate).Detectnow()

The oneliner in Command Prompt (for testing):

powershell.exe -nologo -command "(new-object -Comobject Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate).Detectnow()"

The Scheduled Task:

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